Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What is hope?

Hope to many people can mean many things. But hope to me means being able to see on the other side of darkness. There is a quote by Desmond Tutu that says, ¨Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.¨ This quote makes me have hope because it helps me to understand that not everything in life is bad. The four letters in ¨hope¨ remind me of ¨hold on, pain ends.¨ Hope is being able to not give up no matter how bad something can possibly get. It is being capable of understanding that something good can happen. People lose hope when things go bad. They just think bout all the negative things that happen. I have a friend that is more like family, his name is Bryan. Each time he sees me going through a rough time he always manages to make me feel better and always tell me ¨it all gets worst, before it gets better.¨ Those are words of hope to me and it makes me feel better because with those words he tells me im not alone. You have hope by believing that something better is yet to come. You also get it when people give you support and help you feel that your not alone. I have an aunt who wasnt legal here in the United States. I say ¨wasnt¨ because she now is. A few weeks ago, she had to leave back to where she was born which was in Mexico. The reason for her to go out, i
s that she has been in a process to be legal here in the US. After so much time of paperwork and waiting, the day she had to leave to Mexico had come. She then had to go to Juarez to get approved to be able to come to the US. There was a chance she couldve been denied. Her hope was very high although she was very scared. If she got denied, she wouldnt be able to come back to the US where her family is. She had hope during the entire process. There was times where she was very scared and debated in dong it, but she took all her strength to do it. Because she never lost faith she had all the strength to go to the place and take the risk of getting denied. Fortunately all the hope she had helped her through the situation. When she arrived to Juarez, she went to the place she had to go to and got the exciting news that she was approved. We could only imagince her happiness knowing shed be able to come back to her family. This refers back to the quote by Desmond Tutu. There is an end to darkness and this is an example of hope. After being illegal for years, and living with the fear of getting caught she is now a Legal person to the United States.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Secret to Life

People have goals of becoming famous or becoming rich. Others tell them in order to do so finish school and get a good education or work hard in your job. People normally do this to live a good life. Robert Waldinger is the 4th person out  more than 2000 men to be a part of a long life study. They have had this study since 1938 investigating what makes people live a good life. 60 men out of more than 2000 men still  live today and some are in their 90's. Up to this date those men who remain alive are still living a part of this study. Researcher of this study have found out that people who are more socially connected to friends, family, or just people in general are more happier. They seem to live longer than people who are not as connected to the outside life. This is because people feel happier having others around then being lonely. Being happy does not necessarily mean just having family and friends. It is about having family and friends that you are actually close to and feel their love. Dr.Waldinger says that a relationship say perhaps between a couple does not have to men that they are perfect all the time. It can just mean that they have problems like every relationship but as long as they feel that connection and know that the other person will help them through any situation is more than enough to them

Science of Happiness

Most people would agree that chasing happiness wont be the correct way to find it. According to some articles, chasing happiness only make you unhappy. According to Gilbert, we all humans have a psychological immune system. This psychological immune system is a system of cognitive of processes which helps people see the world differently.

As most people know, life is not about just being happy. Although the goal is to be happy, we can not be happy 100 percent of the time. Life is about experiencing different things every days. One day we can have a great day and another can just be a really bad day. It is about being able to live past the obstacles and if one falls learn how to get up. In the ted talk, Dan Gilbert gave examples of some people who had it all and then lost it in the matter of time. For example, one guy names Jim Wright had everything. He had power, money, health, and creativity. He was the most powerful democrat who got caught doing something bad. Due to him getting caught, he lost everything all his power and money. He says, "I am so much better off physically, financially, mentally, and in almost every way." The way Jim Wright think now is good because it shows him what life is really worth. Happiness is not just about the good things in life is being able to overcome thigs that come between.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Everything in this world makes me very happy. It is really rare that you won't ever see me happy. Just by seeing the smiles in other people's faces brightens up my day. One thing for a fact that does make me happy is my family. My family is the most important thing I have in life. It makes me happy that we all have a special bond. I have two brothers, one sister, and of course my parents. My siblings always make me laugh and we communicate about everything together. In the other hand my parents are always there to listen when we need advice or just to put a smile in our face. As long as they're happy, I am too. When they are not, I try my best to make them smile. Another thing that does make me happy is simply life. Things all eventually fall into place when something goes wrong. My way of living life is to stay positive. I always see the positive on the negative. One quote that really helps me is "expect the worst but hope for the best." That is my way of going through life. I don't let things bring me down and when I do, that is where my family comes in. They are always there to support me through anything i go through. I cherish what I have because you never know when you can lose it.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Passion and Perseverance

Passion and Perseverance are to big things in one life. One is the dream to accomplish something you have in mind. Then the other, comes to be the desire in doing it. Many people have dreams and goals. But hardly any one puts their whole time in doing so to accomplish it. Being able to become the person wants to be all starts by having a goal. Many steps to be able to reach it. People have already succeeded,would most likely tell us that it is not easy but definitely not impossible. It all starts by putting out a goal one wants to reach. Then, its the time a person has to open to be able to reach it. Perseverance has a lot to do with this. Perseverance is the desire of wanting to do something. Without perseverance, how is someone going to be able to reach their goal. Lastly, Self discipline is a huge role in becoming someone. The passion you have for say a sport. It should give you motivation to want to reach it. It all starts with self discipline because if you dont control yourself or are not independent nobody else will. Sometimes the right thing is to take it slowly and not rush into achieving your goal. But the most important thing of all is never giving up. Everyone needs to know how to get up after falling down. It is really hard to be able to meet the standard we want. But with passion and perseverance, it surely is not impossible.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I believe i have self control if i set myself to something. In my opinion, there are times where we can mess around but with limits and others where we have to be serious. Times where we can mess around would be at like parties or when we are with friends. Although, we still have to have self control. This is because Without self control who will guide us to a good path. Say we are at a party and we are having a good moment but things get out a hand. Imagine a person you think is your friend and will care for you but in reality takes advantage of you and gives you something other than what you asked for. Having self control is knowing that you will stay out of trouble and not get into things you will regret. Another thing would be when we are serious. When I am serious, it means getting my mind set to something. For example, I want to get my work done and im on my phone, I will obviously put my phone on the side and get what needs to be done first. My parents have told me many times to always get what needs to be done and that way nobody will bug you when you are trying to relax.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

What is the point of judging? Why is it so hard to just look at someone past their appearances? This is why our world is the way it is. People judge other people based on their first impressions. It is very simple to point out the negative things in one's personality. People should learn how to look past appearances.People shouldn't discard how skin color has always played a huge role in our society. In other words, people judge an individual by their skin color. We were taught to treat others, the way we want to be treated. Being judged on someone's first impression, isn't good. It isn't good because  say  one person does something by mistake and gets judged. That person, who judged that one individual, didn't get to know who they were. Next time, before you judge someone, try to get to know them. What people need to learn is how to look past appearances. On an article i read, "Why We Judge Personalities On Appearance - It Works" the author describes how little thinks on how people treat you."First impressions' became a term for a reason. Everyone knows appearance counts in first impressions, and first impressions count overall, that is why it is better to wear a tie to a job interview than pajamas."